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Officer, Operations and Services (0664) 1

Category:  Business Banking Division
Job Type: 
Facility:  Business Banking

Job Purpose

- The job holder operates and creates accounting to provide products and services - products and services for corporate customers - corporate customers such as trade finance - trade (LC, BL ...), international payment - international payment, foreign exchange, transport Post credit approval ... and manage experience with business customers.
Responsible for operational risk management, service quality management - Service quality for the group of customers within the assigned scope of work.

Key Accountabilities (1)

1. Customer Insight
- Collect information of existing customers related to operations: foreign exchange, international payment, trade (BL, LC ...) and credit operation to know the characteristics and needs of customers.
2. Product and Pricing
- SPDV update, price: foreign exchange, international payment, trade (BL, LC ..) and credit operations.
- Update SPDV, price: foreign exchange, foreign payment, trade (BL, LC ..) and credit operation Support / consult with RM information related to product and service, price policy to give appropriate advice. suitable for customers.
3. Sale and Service
- Designing and proposing to provide product and service, price for customers in accordance with the process and regulations of TCB from time to time.
- Receiving documents / documents serving the provision of services: foreign exchange, international payment, commercial center (BL, LC ...) and credit operation after approval in accordance with TCB's regulations from time to time.
- Tasks : Prepare disbursement statements, active limit, receive and manage property assets, issue / adjust BL / LC, draft BL commitment, debt collection, post-LC / post management operations BL; Foreign exchange, foreign exchange transactions ... and other transactions in accordance with regulations of TCB from time to time.
- Consulting product and service : trade ,foreign payment, credit operation and foreign exchange to customers
- Ensuring to keep the best service quality in every step of the Customer's journey
- Fully comply with Service Quality standards in order to provide a consistent service
- Constantly improving soft skills to meet the QoS requirements of the Customer, ensuring every Customer is satisfied with the service provided.
- Receive and resolve customer inquiries, inquiries and complaints within the scope of transactions.

Key Accountabilities (2)

4. Credit risk management
- Get to know customer information (AML, KYC ..) comply with regulations, instructions to prevent money laundering.
- Check the legality, reasonableness and validity of transaction information, customer documents / documents provided by Techcombank and the law ..
- Responsible for examining and evaluating credit conditions each time (limit, collateral ...) when disbursing / issuing / adjusting BL / LC according to instructions, procedures and regulations.
5. Operation
-Strictly comply with the instructions, procedures, regulations of Techcombank and the law.
- Scan documents, sign, seal, use tools / programs to operate and transfer records between units / departments in TCB (T24, SWIFT, CRIB, ECM, BPM ...)
- Create accounting, checking and marking documents, monitoring, urging customers to supplement, complete records in accordance with regulations.
- Manage records (save accounting documents of international payment operations, records of Disbursement / BL / LC ..) and store customer information on the system, ensure compliance and completeness.
- Make periodic reports according to regulations or report arising at the request of management.
6. Organization and personnel
- Develop yourself to fulfill your role and adapt to work-related change.
- Closely cooperating with related positions, towards the common goal of the unit and the bank.
- Assisting the OSM and Services Departments at BBC / BBC Director in coaching new department personnel.
7. Effective management
- Service quality assurance, operations and risk management, and assigned target.
8. Other Task
Perform other related tasks at the request of OSM

Key Accountabilities (3)

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Manager Operations and Services

Key Relationships - Direct Reports


Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

BB Division; GTS Division, Opts Division, CA Division, HR…

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders


Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

Degree: University degree. Specialization in Foreign Trade / Economy / Finance / Banking is preferred.
Experience: Minimum of 3+ year in the field of sales / sales support for corporate customers.
English : minimum TOEIC 550 or equivalent.

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