CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY is the online recruitment website of Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (“Techcombank”) for candidates aged 18 years and over.

Techcombank collects and processes candidates’ personal information with care. Please read the Confidentiality Policy below to better understand our policy on the collection, use, processing and storage of personal information. 

1. Governing scope

a. “Personal information” refers to a candidate’s information including his or her first and last name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, email, phone number, education, work experience, reference(s) and other information which the candidate inputs into his or her e-resume on

b. Other websites or services linking from/to this website shall have their own policies which a candidate can view by clicking respective links (if any). 

2. Collection of personal information

a. When a candidate creates an account on, he or she gives Techcombank permission to collect, process, store and share his or her personal information for the following purposes:

i. Evaluation of his or her suitability for a role at Techcombank and its subsidiaries/affiliates;

ii. Notification to the candidate of the status of his or her application at Techcombank and its subsidiaries/affiliates from time to time;

iii. Notification to the candidate of job opportunities which may suit him or her according to his or her resume on and in which the candidate may be interested in;

iv. Fulfillment of Techcombank’s obligations that arise from any contract entered into by and between Techcombank and the candidate;

v. Notification to the candidate of changes/updates to the Confidentiality Policy.

b. Techcombank also collects information about how candidates use our website. We use this information to help candidates find suitable jobs, improve our services, and analyze and overcome our shortcomings.

3. Use of personal information 

Techcombank shall not sell, lease or share a candidate’s personal information with any third party unless otherwise authorized by the candidate or in the following cases:

a. Techcombank may relay a candidate’s personal information to its partners (service providers) assisting Techcombank in managing its websites or in recruiting talent, managing and evaluating and screening candidates prior to recruitment, and improving its recruitment operations. Such partners shall be bound by contracts to ensure the confidentiality of a candidate’s personal information. 

b. For the purposes of examination, prevention or timely action against frauds or illegal operations or breaches of the terms and conditions of concerning the use of personal information.

c. For compliance with the law or state regulators’ regulations or protection of the rights of Techcombank and customers against any complaint/litigation. 

4. Control of personal information

When posting their personal information on, candidates are obliged to keep their account information (e.g. usernames and passwords) secure. Techcombank shall not be responsible for any damage/complaint/litigation (if any) where candidates disclose their account information (e.g. usernames and passwords). Regarding their personal information, candidates shall have the following rights:

a. To correct/update their personal information which they think is inaccurate or incomplete;

b. To request Techcombank to delete their personal information stored by Techcombank.

5. Method and duration for information storage

a. Techcombank may use cloud applications to store candidate data. A candidate’s personal information may be processed by another service provider for and on behalf of Techcombank and may be stored in different locations around the world. Where Techcombank engages external service providers, we shall contract them to keep candidate information confidential and not to use such information contrary against our specific instructions.

b. If a candidate is recruited by Techcombank, all of his or her relevant personal information collected before he or she is onboarded shall become part of the candidate’s employee documentation and shall be retained in accordance with Techcombank’s requirements from time to time. If Techcombank does not hire a candidate, Techcombank shall delete the candidate’s data within 06 months upon conclusion of recruitment unless Techcombank wishes to keep the candidate’s personal information to consider him or her for future job opportunities. In such cases, Techcombank shall seek the candidate’s consent, either before or after the candidate officially applies for a job.

c. In any case, a candidate’s personal information may be kept for a longer duration in accordance with the law from time to time.

6. Amendment and supplementation of the Confidentiality Policy

Techcombank reserves the right to amend/supplement this Confidentiality Policy from time to time. Any change to the Policy shall be clearly announced by Techcombank prior to implementation. Techcombank encourages candidates to refer to this Policy on a regular basis so they are kept informed about how Techcombank ensures the confidentiality of a candidate’s personal information.