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19 Nov 2023

Senior Expert, Wealth Advisors (40001333 )

Category:  Retail Banking Group
Job Type: 
Facility:  Retail Banking

Job Purpose

- Follow the leadership's direction to follow the general development strategy from time to time in the field of consulting and trading investment banking products to individual customers and corporate customers according to direction of Techcom Securities (TCBS).
- Implement and develop sales and distribution of all investment banking products for individual and corporate customers, especially the Afluent customer segment oriented by TCBS.

Key Accountabilities (1)

1. Implement the implementation of the assigned work plan of the segment according to the operation orientation of the Business Development and Consulting Department of the assigned Region and as assigned by the Director of Consulting and Business Development Region
2. Participate in consulting and business development activities:
- Participate in building and expanding the sales and distribution network in the Investment Banking division, and at the same time combining with Techcombank's existing network to develop, sell and distribute Investment Banking products.
- Participate in the development of business initiatives into action plans for the distribution network and collaborate with the partners of the assigned Region.
- Participate in the implementation of sales promotion programs for the financial year and each period to boost sales according to the operation orientation of the Investment Banking Division
- Regularly meet and discuss with customers to advise, take care of existing customers, find and expand relationships with new customers to sell existing investment banking products as well as propose develop new products in line with customer needs.
- Meeting with potential clients to seek opportunities to consult, sell or structure financial products and sell other Investment Banking products;
- Preliminary assessment of customers and transaction terms and conditions in accordance with the direction of the Sales và Marketing Department and the Investment Banking Division to decide whether to participate in transactions with customers.
3. As assigned by the Regional Business Development and Consulting Director, participates in the plan to develop the capacity of the regional sales team assigned to be in charge.
- Participate in the development of training and capacity building plans for the sales team according to the direction of the leadership
- Implement training programs according to sales orientation and training needs of sales team to improve sales and sales quality
4. Implement communication programs about new products and programs

Key Accountabilities (2)

5. Participate in the organization of the year-end and year-end program for products throughout the system according to the direction of the leadership
6. Policy formulation:
- Participate in the development and proposal of product sales plans, prices, terms and conditions, structure and mechanism of current products on the basis of following the direction of TCBS and Banking Division leaders. invest
- In case of authorization, the representative of Sales and Distribution Department of Individual Customers participates in the Investment Banking project to build, structure and develop new products.
- Coordinate with other departments in the Investment Banking division to develop policies, regulations, processes and guidelines on operations.
- Support the Director/Director of Sales and Distribution for individual customers in the domain to supervise and implement other operations within the scope of the functional array in accordance with the operational orientation of the Investment Banking Division.
7. Implement and closely coordinate with related units of TCBS such as Financial Solutions, Legal, Compliance, Accounting, Capital Management, Operations, E-Securities…and subsidiaries. /members/tool ​​companies, business divisions and related departments of Techcombank to handle problems arising in the process of selling products/transactions.
8. Participate in the development and provision of training programs, presentations, and promotions to stakeholders who have demand for Investment Banking products.
9. Implement activities of functional areas in compliance with policies, regulations, procedures, internal guidelines… and service quality commitments (SLAs).
Perform other related tasks as requested by management.

Key Accountabilities (3)

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Director, Wealth Advisors

Key Relationships - Direct Reports


Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

Relevant divisions in investment banking services (Techcom Securities, Techcom Capital...), Personal Banking Division, Finance and Customer Service Division, Corporate Banking Division, and other divisions of Techcombank and other organizations other organizations in the Techcombank system;

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders

The system of state-owned banks, domestic and foreign branches of commercial banks, investment funds and investment banks, financial institutions; BOD, BOM corporations, businesses, Priority customers; businesses and other potential partners will participate in the Investment Banking segment;

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

- University degree or higher majoring in economics, finance and banking;
- Priority is given to having international degrees and professional certificates in financial analysis and investment.
- Professional experience: Preferably have worked for at least 10 years in related fields such as capital markets, investment, structured products in banks, financial institutions or enterprises;
- Management experience: Not requirement
Foreign language: English)
- According to Company's regulations from time to time
- Understand the organization;
- Understand the company's products and services;
- Knowledge of company policies and procedures.

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