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Officer, Credit Processing (40000108)

Category:  Operations Division
Job Type: 
Facility:  Operations

Job Purpose

The job holder performs drafting and checking credit records (limit profile, disbursement, guarantee, LC, discounting, ...), collateral records (including receiving - release - adjusting collateral, ...), post-loan credit transactions for each customer segment or work related to support operations at credit support clusters according to regulations in each period.

Key Accountabilities

I/ Management of professional operations
1. Ensure accuracy, compliance in the preparation / control of credit limit records, credit records (loans, guarantees, LCs) / collateral records, repayment, release collaterals, loan adjustment transactions, adjustment of collaterals; reports to support business units according to regulations; post control; helpdesk, guarantee verification, receive guarantee obligations ... in accordance with Techcombank's regulations and approved by experts.
2. Check and control the conditions, documents of transactions before disbursement or guarantee; LC, ...; collateral (receiving- release - adjustment) according to TCB's regulations / according to approval and according to the classification of liability.
3. Ensuring accuracy and compliance in managing physical credit records and supporting credit in clusters, including:
- Warehouse, credit record management, collateral (release/ borrow / transfer, inventory, ...)
- Inputting collateral information in T24 system after the documents are entered in physical storage
- Support and perform work related to notarization procedures for mortgage collateral, registration of security transactions at state agencies or online, registration and delivery of vehicle registration certificates with collateras being new cars; completing other work related to collateral for relevant agencies./cooperation investors / according to the regulations from time to time; guide customers to sign credit contracts, agreement and other documents according to regulations from time to time.
4. Perform work in accordance with policies, regulations, processes, internal instructions ... and service level agreements (SLAs); Ensuring service quality to internal and external customers in order to enhance and improve the quality of the Bank's business performance.
5. Strictly complying with the Labor Regulations of the Bank.


II/ Manage other tasks:
1. Join projects as assigned
2. Carry out activities to build organizational culture
3. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Team Leader / Senior Manager / Head of CCP from time to time.

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Senior Manager, Credit Processing; Team Lead, Credit Processing

Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

Related units in Division; Branches (Branch Manager, BBC Director, Retail Client Manager), related departments of BB/WB/RGB Division, Risk Management, Legal (product development for corporate clients) / retail, credit policy, risk management, financial accounting, general planning, debt settlement, human resource management...), GTS division, Transformation Office (TO), other other relevant parts from time to time.

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

• University graduate (Prefer University of Banking and Finance, Foreign Trade, Business Administration, Economics, Law or related fields). Prioritize postgraduate level.
• Organizational understanding: understanding of the CCP's organizational structure and the interaction / coordination between (inside và outside) units to process transactions; understand the credit system operating process and the mechanism for issuing related professional documents
- Having a certain common perception about the bank: core values, objectives, vision
- Experience in the unit's products: know the products and services that the unit is providing as well as commitment to SLA for those transactions.
- Experience in processes / regulations: good understanding of credit control related processes / regulations; understand the ways / principles to handle arising transactions
- Have experience in applying knowledge to controlling credit records, proficient in using computer software such as: MS, Word, ...; and text editor.
- 3+ years Experience related to credit activities
Contact: Ms Phương - 0969 154 449 -

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