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23 Mar 2024

Giám đốc Chi nhánh (Khu vực Hồ Chí Minh)

Category:  Retail Banking Group
Job Type: 
Facility:  Retail Banking

Job Purpose

- The job holder responsible ensure the management of all activities of the Branch in order to achieve the assigned KPIs on the basis of fully complying with the Bank's regulations and the Law.

Key Accountabilities (1)

1.Human Resource management
- Resource management (developing a resource plan, proposing needs, proactively searching, participating in interviewing committees, recruiting, appointing and rotating staff, coordinating human resources, developing successors), building a personal development plan for employees, building a mechanism to recognize and evaluating employee performance, etc.), ensuring adequate and quality resources are maintained.
- Communicating and orienting to comply with the policy and general development orientation.
- Training / Coaching / Supervising staff to strictly comply with the standards and procedures of the bank, personal development plans for employees, fostering and building resource staff for the branch
- Responsible for the capacity and professional qualifications of staff in the unit
- Building a professional working environment, creating corporate culture for the unit
- Evaluating performance and recognition and reward for employees accurately, fairly and transparently. Communicating to employees the overall remuneration policies of the Bank, flexibly applying these policies to retain employees and attract talents. Periodically evaluating employee performance according to regulations

Key Accountabilities (2)

2. Business Management
- Receive targets and register challenging targets in business activities of the unit
- Implement business activities at the unit according to the operational orientation of the Business Division and Techcombank from time to time
- Assign targets, coordinate, support, mentor, supervise and evaluate the performance of employees at the branch
- Monitor and manage work completion against budget and targets
- Develop the budget according to the annual operating plan, manage the branch's operating budget according to the approved limit
- Implement / maintain and control / regularly / periodically evaluate business activities / services at the unit
- Ensure continuity/consistency when deploying banking services
Daily activities: - Ensure the quality and efficiency of sales activities at the unit
- Directly selling and guiding the sales team at the unit
- Approve and sign credits within the jurisdiction
- Approve financial expenditures within the scope of authority
- Work with the Regional Director on product promotion programs and training activities
- Coordinate with other sales units to ensure effective sales activities and quality customer service
- Perform other related tasks at the request of the Regional Director from time to time
- Be responsible for other assigned tasks within the scope of their functions and jurissdiction
- Contribute ideas to the Divisions and business divisions at the head office to develop and improve Techcombank's processes, policies and products upon request.
- Responsible for the business continuity of the unit
3. Customer Experience Management
- Responsible for service quality at the branch as shown by the evaluation results of the bank: 5S program, Confidential customer program and Responding to customer requests via Call Center,
- Allocate and coordinate resources to ensure smooth operation at the branch and best customer experiences.
- Regularly conduct inspection, supervision, training and communication on service quality for employees at the branch, ensuring that the work is carried out in accordance with the set of service quality standards.
- Receive and handle complaints and denunciations of customers in accordance with their authority and guidelines
- Plan periodically to directly contact and interview customers to receive opinions and build/consolidate the service quality of the unit.

Key Accountabilities (3)

4. Operational Risk Management and Compliance
- Controlling operational risks of the unit during operation
- Coordinate with related units to develop methods to measure, assess and minimize potential risks in operations.
- Proactively identify and control the risks causing losses to the unit and the bank.
- Responsible for organizing adequate communication on operational risk management and compliance for each title at the unit.
- Control and be responsible for the branch's compliance with the bank's rules, regulations and standard procedures
- Be responsible for errors/violations in the activities of individuals/subordinates that affect the Bank.
5. Branch Operation Management:
- Implement the assignment of operation work at the unit according to regulations
- Periodically evaluate/review the operation at the branch to identify and control risks in the unit's operations.
6. Organizational Culture Management:
- Building an organizational culture at the Mother Branch and the rest of the branches in the region according to Techcombank's Core Values ​​and Behavior Standards: to set an example and lead the right behaviors
- Communicating to employees of the Mother branch and other branches in the region about Techcombank's organizational culture, encouraging and creating conditions for employees to participate in activities of building financial culture
7. Develop local sales channels
- Analysis of market potential; Analyze local competitors to find opportunities / business activities for the unit
- Searching for customers, developing customer sources for the unit
- Build and maintain relationships with potential customers in the area
- Understand the market, competitors and service needs in the management area
8. Establish a relationship with the local
- Relationship / exchange with departments / organizations / People's Committee at the place where the headquarters of the Unit is located. Representing the bank, building and maintaining the image of the bank in the area
- Organize collective activities / join industry associations to build relationships with the local community.
- Implement and manage activities for the community implemented by Techcombank in the area
- Maintain close and close relationships with all levels, departments, branches and mass organizations in the locality

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Regional Director

Key Relationships - Direct Reports

The employees of Branch

Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

Teams inside and outside RBG

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders

Customers, partnerships, associations, state management agencies ...

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

Domain Expertise
- At least 8 years of experience in Banking and related fields, of which at least 4 years in the position of Manager of SME/PFS/Customer service/Priority (or equivalent) or more.
- Graduated from University with major in Banking and Finance; Foreign Trade; Economics or economic related disciplines.
- English: TOEIC 405 or higher or other equivalent certificates

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