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4 Apr 2024

Expert, HR Business Partner (40000426)

Category:  Human Resources Management
Job Type: 
Facility:  Human Resource

Job Purpose

- The job holder responsible for build up the systems of the same effect between the Human Resources Department and the business unit, ensuring the human resource systems of the associated unit and especially with the general strategy and personnel of the bank and in accordance with the law to effectively implement the business strategy of the unit. Outstanding performance at the same time as other tasks, partners: Business partner, Operations manager, Emergency responder and is a user to mediate conflicts in Employee Mediator.

Key Accountabilities (1)

1. Role of "Strategic partnership":
- Align and apply HR strategies, policies, and programs to match the strategy and business model and priorities of the unit
- Actively and flexibly use all resources to provide human resource solutions, contributing positively to the business performance of the unit.
- Identify and forecast changes in the organization's people to provide appropriate solutions to improve the operational efficiency of the unit, while attracting, developing and retaining talent.
- Understand the talent needs of the unit, predict capacity and business development trends to provide training programs for new knowledge and skills for employees to meet new business requirements.
- Advise the unit in the design / modification of the organizational structure, effectively rearranging resources to achieve strategic goals.

Key Accountabilities (2)

2. Role of "Relationship building and consulting":
- Being the representative of Human Resources Division for a group of units with the number of employees from 500 or more and/or having diversity and complexity in business / support / control activities.
- Ensure effective 2-way communication between business units at Division / Company level and Human Resources Division in exchanging, consulting and supporting HR issues.
- Implement HR strategies, policies, programs and plans to increase individual và organizational effectiveness in accordance with the direction and general plan of the Human Resources Management Division.
- Represent the unit in matters of talent in the organization.
- Advising and supporting the unit to implement measures to improve the commitment and effectiveness of employees to the Bank, promote business activities, build a financial culture towards financial efficiency and effectiveness. resource results.
- Identify, evaluate and nurture talents of BUs, develop plans to develop and retain qualified staff, develop a new generation of leaders for the unit
- Consulting and supporting the implementation of human resource activities for leaders of units in all fields: attracting, developing, and connecting talents
- Organize and implement the disciplinary review and reward for employees.
- Guide and accompany unit leaders in conflict/conflict situations in labor relations.
- Coordinating with relevant Human Resources departments to contribute ideas to build job descriptions, position assessment tools, tools to build targets and evaluate job performance for employees and consultants. support for the implementation unit.
- Coordinate with the unit leader to evaluate the employee's performance capacity to develop a training plan in accordance with the personal career development roadmap according to the standard training framework.
- Predict and identify risks related to personnel changes and human factors in business activities; advise and coordinate in implementing measures to prevent and control risks.

Key Accountabilities (3)

3. Role of "Change management":
- Guide and accompany the unit leader to effectively manage the change from organizational structure, business model to coordination mechanism, process, authority and leader/manager
- Communicate, support the implementation of human resource policies, ensuring timely and accurate updating of personnel information from the unit.
- Collect feedback and suggestions from the unit about services, human resource policies, as a basis to improve the efficiency and quality of regulations, processes and guidelines of the Human Resources Management Division
- Encourage behaviors and competencies in line with organizational culture and professional and advanced human resource management.
- Train and foster leadership and people management skills of managers through human resource activities at the unit.
4. Role of "Operational efficiency control":
- Consult and accompany the unit in planning talent needs and managing and implementing human resources budget.
- Ensure the human resource activities of the business unit are in accordance with the Bank's regulations and laws.
- Provide personnel reports periodically or upon request. Analyze indicators, make judgments and forecasts based on data and appropriate solutions
5. Other jobs:
Other tasks as directed by the functional director

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Manager, HR Business Partner

Key Relationships - Direct Reports


Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

Related COEs, other Divisions

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders

Partners or Vendors providing HR services

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

Domain Expertise
- 07+ years of experience working in human resource management at reputable organizations or of equivalent size
- Bachelor's degree or higher in economics, human resource management or related fields
- Foreign language (English): in accordance with Techcombank's regulations

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