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9 May 2024

UX Designer (40000211)

Category:  Digital Office
Job Type: 
Facility:  Digital

Job Purpose

- As a UX Designer you will shape and design products that improve the lives of our customers
- You will unearth deep insights in customer needs and behaviours and translate them into clear design challenges that direct the team’s work to solve the right problems
- You will deliver the overall design architecture, user interface, specifications và requirements for the look, feel and functionality of Techcombank products and services, including apps, websites, software, IRL services.
- You will organize and facilitate design thinking workshops that enable your team to collaborate in the design process

Key Accountabilities (1)

User Experience Design
- Drive discussions with developers and squad members to understand business goals while effectively communicating design ideas.
- Develop creative and new user interface components and style guides based on business requirements.
- Conduct research and optimize existing user interface design while testing for intuitivity and experience.
- Drive development of design concepts and implementation, take input on user design considerations from more junior team members.
- Review functional specifications and participate in the development of design for functionality and user interface.
- Review changes or enhancements for alignment with desired user experience design and satisfaction standards and drive improvement changes.
- Use design tools to create storyboards, samples, prototypes and templates for demonstrations and user testing.

Key Accountabilities (2)

Design Documentation
- Proactively collect business requirements from tribe members to translate into design documents
- Build and review functional requirement documents by developing flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and guides for the application

Key Accountabilities (3)

User Research and Testing
- Evaluate market and user experience research and results.
- Propose updates to design architecture based on discovered trends and patterns.
- Perform user design research, including aggregation and analysis of primary and secondary research data, for consumer and user design acceptance and overall user experience.
- Test prototype interface and feasibility of products.

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Manager, Customer Experience Design

Key Relationships - Direct Reports

Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

POs and Initiative Directors

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders

Customers, partners providing professional services

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

Domain Expertise
- 3+ years of relevant experience in user experience design work
- Deep experience and knowledge in workshop design and facilitation skills
- Experience in designing consumer quality experiences and products on both web and mobile platforms
- Experience in designing clear and creative artifacts (task flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes)
- Experience with planning and conducting user research, user testing, IA research (cardsorting and tree-testing), A/B testing and rapid prototyping
- Skilled with at least one advanced prototyping tool (e.g. Axure, Framer)
- Skilled with at least two visual design tools (Figma and SketchApp)
Agile / Digital Experience
- Experience as a Designer in an agile team, along with detailed working knowledge of Agile
- Experience working in Agile teams or in a collaborative team environment which includes discussions around creative reviews, giving and receiving constructive feedback to and from team members and clients
- Bachelor's Degree in design, HCD or behavioural/social science

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