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Senior Relationship Manager - MM

Category:  Business Banking Division
Job Type: 
Facility:  Business Banking


Establishing relationships, developing, and managing relationships with existing and new MM segment corporate customers; Responsible for consulting the products and services, customer care, monitoring customer status in the management portfolio, including risk management, tracking debt collection to achieve business goals.                  

Key accountabilities (1)

1.Customer Insight
§ Collect / learn the assumptions and sources of potential customers (leads) to understand the characteristics, needs, markets, competitive banking products ... of the MM segment / key sub-segment assigned ./
§ Collect and analyze information about existing customers, operational status / methods / business plans, financial statements, ... to understand customers, needs and be able to advise on business plan  for customers.
2. Products and Price:
Update and define products and price policies to advise customers:
§  Standard products and services, product packages and business programs including mobilization, credit, services, commercial finance, forex, derivative products and investment in MM customers according to TCB's regulations from time to time. 
§ Price policy based on financial plan with customers (ACP) / risk (RORWA) /efficiency on risky assets (TOI / RWA)/life cycle value of customers (CLV) according to Techcombank regulations.
§ collect information, competition policy of portfolio management customers.
3. Sales and service:
§ Establish relationships with new business customers according to leads assigned or self-search
§ Manage and develop existing customer portfolio (sales, quality, structure ...), promote upsale, cross-sell to increase wallet share and portfolio quality according to TCB's strategic direction. 
§ Financial consulting for customers: Coordinate with product sales departments and related units to develop overall, optimal financial solutions to ensure customers are best served according to the service model regulated by TCB from time to time.
§  Make sales and service plans with each customer through ACP and implement customer relationship strategy oriented by TCB
§ Customer care: Responsible for taking care of customers in the management list, fully implement service quality standards, commitments to quality of service according to TCB's regulations to increase customer experience and satisfaction at TCB
4. Risk management
4.1 Credit risk management
§Be responsible for end-to-end credit risk management on the portfolio managed by the Client. Directly perform / coordinate with Risk Management Division to appraise customers;   
§ Credit appraisal: Collect records, documents; check, supervise, update relevant information about customers, customer's business situation to serve customer appraisal, propose solutions and submit for approval. 
§ Post-credit management: Manage, supervise after credit granting, identify early warning signs and implement risk handling instructions/directions. Manage the debt collection process for customers, participate in the debt settlement process according to regulations.
4.2.Operational risk management:
§ Grasp and absolutely comply with regulations on operational risk management.
§ Actively identify and manage operational risks related to the customer portfolio being managed
§ Absolutely comply with regulations, processes, instructions ... related
6. Organization & Human Resources:
§ Develop yourself to fulfill your role and adapt to work-related changes.
§ Closely cooperate with related positions, towards the common goal of the unit and the bank.
7. Effective management:
§ Effectively manage the customers portfolio assigned according to the instructions and regulations of TCB.
§ Strictly manage business performance compared to assigned targets.
8. Other jobs
§ As assigned by the MM Manager

Key accountabilities (2)

Key accountabilities (3)

Key Relationships - Line Manager

Direct: Senior Manager Business Banking/ Manager Business Banking - MM

Key Relationships - Subordinate


Key Relationships - Internal relationship

BB Division; RBG Division, Risk Management Division, GTS Division, Opts Division, CA Division, HR…

Key Relationships - External relationship

Customers, economic organizations, industry associations, local government agencies …

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

 University degree prioritizes Economics / Finance / Banking / Business Administration / Accounting / Auditing        
 Experience: Minimum of 6 years in the field of sales, appraising business customers.        
English:  Minimum TOEIC 650 or equivalent  

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