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Senior Officer, General Risk Management

Category:  Techcom Securities
Job Type: 
Facility:  Risk Management

Job Purpose

- Follow the direction of the Director of Risk Management, working in the direction and strategy of Risk Management of The Company and Investment Banking Division to implement credit risk management, market risk, liquidity risk.
- Support the Risk Management Director in implementing and developing the risk management system according to current regulations, ensure the completion of the assigned plan, meeting the requirements and orientation of risk management.
- Coordinate with other departments within The Company and Techcom Capital (TCC) as well as other relevant departments in the Risk Management Division of Techcombank and other organizations in the Techcombank system to deploy activities related to risk management.

Key Accountabilities (1)

1. Develop and implement operations within the scope of risk management in accordance with the operational orientation of the Investment Banking Division.
2. Participate in the development of policies, regulations, processes and guidelines on risk management operations (including credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk).
3. Coordinate with business units, professional units to ensure recognition of credit risks and market risks during the operation of the investment banking sector.
4. Develop methods to measure credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk.
5. Participate in portfolio risk management, build risk thresholds and limits.

Key Accountabilities (2)

6. Perform assigned tasks, coordinate with business units of the Investment Banking Division and Techcombank's Risk Management Division to perform the function of re-appraisal of investment projects; develop policies and limits on risk management.
7. Participate in establishing and maintaining close relationships with State management agencies: State Bank, Ministry of Finance, State Securities Commission, Stock Exchanges.
8. Implement risk management activities in compliance with internal policies, regulations, processes and guidelines.
9. Perform other related tasks at the request of the leader.

Key Accountabilities (3)

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Head of Risk Management/ Director, General Risk Management/ Team Lead, General Risk Management

Key Relationships - Direct Reports


Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

Relevant divisions are in investment banking services (Techcom Securities, Techcom Capital...), Compliance Division, Legal and Operational Risk Management, Capital and Financial Markets Division, Wholesale Banking Division. , other business divisions of Techcombank and other organizations in the Techcombank system

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders

State management agencies: State Bank, Ministry of Finance, Securities Commission…; tax agencies, domestic and foreign law firms; the system of domestic commercial banks and foreign bank branches; other partners participating and potential to participate in the field of Investment Banking.

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

- Have a university degree or higher majoring in economics, banking and finance, risk management;
- Preferably have international qualifications and professional certificates in financial analysis, investment, risk management.
- Professional experience: Preferably have worked for at least 05 years in fields related to banking, risk management, finance, securities;
- Management experience: Experience in management and administration is preferred.
- Business English standard proficiency as required for the role.

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