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Senior Officer, Credit Solution Management - MM and USME (40000630)

Category:  Business Banking Division
Job Type: 
Facility:  Business Banking

Job Purpose

- The job holder responsible for conducting contact activities with customers according to procedures, instructions and standards of TCB, credit evaluation (1st time) at the registration office, receiving new collateral, post-loan supervision for corporate customers of MM to help achieve the business goals of the business customer segment.

Key Accountabilities (1)

1. Customer Insight
- Support to collect infoRMsation, comments, potential customers (leads), competitive banking products ... to help RMs understand the characteristics and needs of the MM/USME sub-segment in mind is assigned.
- Collect infoRMsation about existing customers, operations / methods / business plans, financial statements, ... to help RMs understand customers, needs and have private ability. business plans for customers.
2. Products and Prices
- Continuously update product knowledge, features, benefits, selling points and related policies to propose solutions to customers: standard service products, SP packages, business programs. (CTKD) includes deposit, credit, service, trade finance, foreign exchange, derivative products, and other products for MM customers in accordance with TCB's regulations from time to time.
3./Sales and Servive
3.1 Support RMs MM/USME in establishing and developing relationships with new and existing business customers:
- Support drafting email contents, marketing letters, newsletters ... to send to customers:
- Assist in preparing set of records for customer meetings.
- Collaborate in collecting customer records, financial statements, and business plans of customers
- Together with SRMs to propose financial solutions to customers.
3.2. Customer care:
- Fully comply with QoS standards, commitments to quality of service according to TCB's regulations to increase customer experience and satisfaction at TCB
- Collect customer feedback in the portfolio and urge, track the processing process, and reflect to SRMs to promptly solve problems.
4.Risk management
4.1 Credit risk management:
- Responsible for credit appraisal, coordinating with SRMs in actual appraisal of customers, complying with regulations on credit extension of TCB.
- Prepare a credit appraisal report, consistent with SRMs to submit a credit proposal, and submit it to authorities for approval.
- Perform post-credit supervision as prescribed;
- Identify early warning signs, coordinate with SRMs to manage the debt collection process for customers, handle bad debts incurred and follow the instruction / direction of risk handling.
4.2. Operational risk management:
- grasp and absolutely comply with regulations on operational risk management
- Actively identify and manage operational risks related to customer portfolio.

Key Accountabilities (2)

5. Operation
- Absolutely comply with regulations, processes, instructions ... related.
- Understand and properly follow the operating procedures (including foRMss) of products for USME corporate customers.
- Proficient use of supporting tools and programs in operation (T24, CRIB, ECM, BPM, BCDE ...)
- Manage documents (legal documents, loan documents, property assets ...) and customer infoRMsation on the system, ensure compliance and completeness.
6. Organization and human resourses
- Develop yourself to fulfill your role and adapt to work-related change.
- Closely cooperate with related positions, towards the common goal of the unit and the bank.
7. Effective management
- Support SRMs to effectively manage the customer portfolio that are in charge according to TCB's instructions and regulations
- Strictly manage business perfoRMsance compared to assigned targets
8. /Other jobs
- As assigned by the MM/USME Maneger

Key Accountabilities (3)

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Senior Manager/ Manager, Business Banking MM and USME; Senior Manager/ Manager, Business Banking Center

Key Relationships - Direct Reports


Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

BB Division; Risk Management Division, GTS Division, Otps Division, CA Division, HR…

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders

Individual customers, corporate customers, local government, competitors,…

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

Degree: University degree. Specialization in Foreign Trade / Economy / Finance / Banking is preferred
Experience: Minimum 5 years in the field of sales / sales support for corporate customers.
English : minimum TOEIC 550 or equivalent.

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