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14 May 2024

Senior Expert, Group Cost Management (40001430)

Category:  Finance & Planning Division
Job Type: 
Facility:  Finance

Job Purpose

- Improve quality of bank-wide operational cost management in the E2E cost management process from planning to spending, reporting & analyzing the effectiveness of operating costs; and perform overall financial control to subsidiaries/associates from planning to actual performance in line with Group bank's strategic plan
- Be accountable for specialized topics on cost management of the bank and/or specific task regarding subsidiaries/ associates

Key Accountabilities (1)

- Diagnose the cost management process and design/ refine the Bank's cost management framework to accommodate changes in the direction of the strategic plan
- Assess potential risks, design detailed processes and implement activities to manage changes as new processes come into operation
- Build the interaction model between the bank and its subsidiaries and develop a governance framework to ensure that the subsidiaries and affiliates operate in a consistent manner with the bank

Key Accountabilities (2)

- Control cost effectively to meet business performance target, from planning to actual performance analysis:
 + Join with Strategy to build the 5-year financial model for the bank's oeprating cost
 + Perform the opex annual planning of the bank, including:
   i) Build the topdown number & principles for opex annual planning; 
   ii) Build processes, templates and tools for opex annual planning for the whole bank with breakdown by divisions, departments; and 
   iii) Consolidate, analyse and provide insights to refine and reallocate cost resouces in order to meet the topdown and finalize opex planning of the bank 
 + Prepare monthly EXCO report on cost topic to bring insights and recommendations to BOM to repurpose and optimize cost resources
- Coordinate with centralized functions to analyse cost effectiveness and make recommendations to allocate resources from non-productive areas to productive ones
- In charge of specialized topics on cost management, from current status analysis to planning and implementation
- Perform financial control for the subsidiaries/ affiliates and other long-term investment of the bank, including:
  + Control the overall financial planning of the subsidiaries/ affiliates which cover for both TOI, cost, balance sheet and general financial indicators of the subsidiaries/ affiliates 
 + Play the key role as contact point to supervise the whole interaction between the bank and its subsidiaries/ affiliates to ensure the operations of the subsidiaries/ affiliates  are consistent with the bank's management governance, including but not limited to following tasks:  
    i) Co-operate with subsidiaries/ affiliates to evaluate, analyse and finalize pricing for their services providing to the bank 
   ii) Post control and review management reports of the subsidiaries/ affiliates to ensure their cost spending in a cosistent manner with the bank's governance framework
   iii) Coordinate the control, financial supervision and performance management reports of the subsidiaries/ affiliates, detecting errors as well as abnormal issues in costs, revenue, non-compliance issues with the laws and the bank's standards & regulations; and define action for risks prevention
   iv) Build and/ or co-operate with stakeholders in the bank to evaluate business cases of the subsidiaries/ affiliates to meet the overall target of the bank

Key Accountabilities (3)

- Propose change management plan to the Department manager and implement plan and coach department personnel
- Research and develop new tools, methods, models for budgeting, forecasting and cost-effective analysis
- Directly guide, coordinate and control outputs of the team in specialized topics
- Participate in projects related to cost management of the bank
- Other tasks as assigned by the Department Manager

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

Degree/professional: Having a university degree or higher at a university in Economics, Finance, Banking. Preference will be given to those who have a university degree and are intensively trained in economics, banking and finance, especially studying international financial programs.
- At least 12 years experience in management reporting, good understanding of the Bank's professional activities. 
- English: Follow prevailing TCB's regulation

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