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27 Apr 2024

Officer, Field Debt Collection (40001233)

Category:  Unsecured Collection
Job Type: 
Facility:  Debt Collection

Job Purpose

- Ensure effective debt collection on a balanced basis with the quality of services provided to customers through field collection operations, comply with the Techcombank's regulations/processes, ensure progress and quality of assigned work.
- Contribute to the enhancement of efficiency in debt settlement activities by contributing ideas to develop debt settlement processes and guidelines
- Contribute to the enhancement of efficiency in credit operations by participating in fraud detection in the operational process

Key Accountabilities (1)

I. General Responsibilities:
- Strictly follow Techcombank's Labor Regulations
- Perform work in accordance with policies, regulations, procedures, internal guidelines..., and service quality commitments.
- Comply with Techcombank's training and work arrangements

Key Accountabilities (2)

II. Professional Responsibilities
1. Implement the field strategy, search, verify information and urge customers to pay back debts :
- Receive customer list, study historical records to understand customer information, debt and arrange priority list for handling, prioritize the implementation of collection of high-risk customers
- Implement Field Collections according to the right scenario and strategy, fully record operational results on the data system, ensuring KPIs are met.
2. Implement the risk mitigation plan arising in the process of Field Collection:
- Receipt of customer requests
- Evaluate and analyze the current situation of customers and/or operational status
- Proposing on suitable risk mitigation plan
- Deploy the approved risk mitigation plan
3. Participate in fraud detection in the operational process:
- Implement fraud detection in the process of checking customer records and actually touch to customers
- Notify manager about customers with fraud signal
- Coordinate with related parties to provide customer information with the consent of competent approval.
4. Contribute to the development/correction of policies, collection operation methods
- Receive requests for participation/commenting on documents
- Research and propose comments/construction/editing of documents

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Manager, Field Debt Collection/ Director, Collection

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders

- Professional departments/branches/transaction offices of the debt transferor; - Competent state agencies such as local authorities, police, courts, procuracies, judgment enforcers,... - Other relevant organizations and individuals.

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

Degree/Occupation: College graduate or higher
- Experience in unsecured collection is preferred
- Preferably those having professional knowledge in the field of law, economics, finance and banking.
- Understanding the debt transferor's system and products and the Techcombank's debt settlement policies

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