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25 May 2023

Head of Credit Card (40001459)

Category:  Retail Banking Group
Job Type: 
Facility:  Retail Banking

Job Purpose

The job holder :
- Build up the strategy for developing payment solutions at Techcombank in line with RBG's financial goals in each period
- Implement, manage and operate investment product development and related activities (compliance, risk management, ...) to meet customers' needs and experiences in parallel with achieve the bank's business goals under strategic orientation.

Key Accountabilities (1)

Design the full package of Credit Card to meet customer needs in each segment.
- Support Chief of RBG to draw and implement payment product development strategy under the general direction of Techcombank
- Develop and execute strategically credit card products for individual customers and for each customer segment based on digital technology and customer knowledge throughout the customer journey.
- Develop diversified credit card product packages to meet the needs of each segment on the multi-channel experience platform; engage customers with TCB in the long term.
- Directly participate in the construction of annual business plans for the financial investment segment under the general direction of the RBG and the Bank.
- Advise the establishment of necessary policies, procedures, tools, system development to implement the tasks and responsibilities of the Investment Products unit in order to achieve RBG's strategic goals and directions

Key Accountabilities (2)

Business Management
- Manage the construction/development of credit card products throughout the stage of understanding customers, identifying CVP,  design solutions / features according to the CVP roadmap to meet customer needs and align with TCB regulations/capability
- Manage the implementation of credit card products from content / idea design, product delivery guideline/procedure, program implementation to business units, contact with relevant partners (if needed)
- Manage the effectiveness of credit card product deployment through indicators measuring customer satisfaction, financial indicators and risks (revenue, costs, profit) related to investment products.
- Manage coordination with departments in and out RBG to unify the partnership plan in order to optimize the effectiveness of partnership management
- Guide and support Team members in formulating and executing strategic projects and initiatives impacting and affecting to investment product development (if any)

Key Accountabilities (3)

Build-up and manage employee team
- Encourage and inspire the working spirit of the affiliated team; Create a collective working environment that always has mutual supportive interactions, update information and towards long-term engagement
- Coordinate with HR to build sufficient workforce, evaluate/interview potential candidates, prepare remuneration, and evaluate the effectiveness of new employees.
- Supervise and manage employees: 
- Set up criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of customer segment and leadership team
- Ensure career development orientation for employees 
- Directly guide, advice and orient for employees
- Monitor the professional skill development of employees
- Develop capacity for current employees and short-term successor
Corporate Culture:
- Ensure management in  Division under 3 principles: fairness, transparency and respect
- Be an example in building and strengthening corporate culture
- Make sure the correct and complete implementation of corporate culture plans; all employees understand and apply consistently corporate cultural values, behavioral standards
Perform other related tasks as requested by CRBGO

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Chief Retail Banking Group Officer

Key Relationships - Direct Reports

Director of Product Development 
Director/ Senior Manager/ Senior Expert of Business Analysis & Partner Onboarding

Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

Units in RBG and other relevant units in TCB

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders

Partners of credit card products, credit card technology, credit card products related state agencies (State Bank of Vietnam…)

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

Domain expertise:
- At least 15 years working in the banking sector. Having at least 10 years of experience in executive management, participating in the development of business strategies, business policies and operating models for a business segment in the Bank.
- TOEIC >= 700 (English proficiency requirements are pursuant to Techcombank's policy) 
- Master in finance/banking/business management or relevant fields

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