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23 Jul 2024

Expert, Retail & Small BB Credit Risk Data, Porfolio Management & Early Warning (40001484)

Category:  Risk Management Division
Job Type: 
Facility:  Risk Management

Job Purpose

Ensure real-time database, instant credit decision engine, portfolio analysis and early warning reports for retail & small business banking risk management

Key Accountabilities (1)

'1. Manage credit portfolio
- Identification of quality growth opportunities and ensure sustained growth in Assets and topline
- Tail Risk Management
- Portfolio mix and shaping
- Portfolio monitoring , loss forecasting and early warning and early loss mitigation models
+ Evaluate portfolio performance and offer solutions to improve the quality of the portfolio.
+ Control the content and quality of the report before sending it out to the stakeholders.
- Responsible to Provide Strategyperformance reportsto determine efficacy of strategies defined within decision support systems.
- Bureau reporting and Bureau Services

2. Develop an early-warning system & determine Early Loss mitigation opportunities

3. Calculate regulatory capital requirements for credit risks
- Credit Bureau Analytics
- Loss forecasting –
- Risk Reward measurement
- Portfolio Sale / Risk Insurance / Portfolio securitization

4. Line Of Business risk management
- Credit Line Management

5. Partnership / Eco system lending management
- Build CAAS ( Credit as a Service ) eco system for all lending partnership

6. Manange Risk Decision support Systems
- Owner of all Retail and Small BB Risk Decision support systems -  Decision Engine , CFF , DSS, Dialer , Collection systems
- Build and Manage Decision support systems for Account management and collections
- Thought leader for data eco system both  internal and external data for risk life cycle decision support

7. Portfolio data management and credit decision system support data
- Build and standardize the database for real-time portfolio reports/analytic reports
- Develop data requirements for credit decision system
- Exploring and expanding external data services to serve the needs of analysis, management, and credit decision making

Key Accountabilities (2)

8. Human resource development
- Participate in and coordinating with relevant units to deploy and directly teach training programs on risk identification and early warning signs for business units.
- Train credit review for new staff.
- Participate in the process of professional interviewing, recruiting personnel for the Department as assigned.

9. Other responsibilities:
- Actively identify, manage and propose to reduce operational risks in the Team's work;
- Develop yourself to perform well in your roles and responsibilities and adapt to work-related changes.
- Identify and manage risks of the unit in the process of operation (operational risks), report back to the leadership for solutions to minimize risks.
- Close cooperation with related positions, towards the common goals of the unit and the bank.
- Strictly manage results according to assigned KPIs KPI
- Periodically report to and be accountable to the Department Manager for the Team's work results.
- Coordinate the work of the Department on behalf of the Division Director in the absence of the Division Director.
- Support the Department Manager in performing the general tasks of the Department.
- Strictly comply with the Bank's Labor Regulations
- Perform other related tasks at the request of direct managers and upper management.
- Participate in Techcombank's projects as directed;
- Support the Department Manager in the work contents related to early warning/post-borrowing control/debt management of the project in case the Department Director participates in the project.

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