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5 May 2024

Expert, Fraud monitoring and Incident control (40001463)

Category:  Retail Banking Group
Job Type: 
Facility:  Retail Banking

Job Purpose

1. General: Implement fraud/financial crime risk management measures/tools to prevent, detect and reduce the risk of fraud/financial crime at retail banking

2. Specialization: Responsible for internal and external fraud risk at RBG.

Key Accountabilities (1)

1. Execute the Fraud programs to prevent and detect fraud and financial crimes in order to mitigate activities and consequences of fraud and financial crimes, including: (i) Identifying and assessing potential and existing risks of fraud and offences; (ii) develop/propose measures to detect and prevent fraudulent activity affecting the retail banking sector's business; (iii) develop/propose solutions/actions to reduce and control fraud risks
2. Assess and monitor fraud risk identification measures/tools to detect, prevent and minimize fraud risks. Proposals to strengthen existing controls or supplement mitigation measures
3. Be the focal point for receiving, analyzing and investigating detected incidents/ problems to identify fraud risks in the operation of retail banks; and/or monitoring of preventive controls/activities through data analysis
4. Carry out reports analyzing the root causes of fraud risks arising, fraud scenarios and synthesize and report fraud and financial crime risks and scenarios based on the findings from the investigation.
5. Learn and update fraud trends in the banking market in general, departments/ units in particular to build fraud prevention measures for retail banks

Key Accountabilities (2)

6. Provide support to fraud risk management directors to develop plans, evaluate operational efficiency and continuously improve fraud investigation and supervision activities
7. Coordinate with RBG Operational Risk Management to add controls and supervision at processes/ products for effective risk management at RBG
8. Attend required training and execute communication programs to improve the professional capacity of RBG team in fraud risk management
9. Perform other duties at the request of the Director/Senior Manager of Fraud monitoring and Incident control

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

- At least 7 years of relevant work of experience related to fraud investigation, inspection / audit at banks / financial institutions

- Understand the banking system
- Understand the banking products and services as well as operational risk\fraud management
- Understand the rules and operating procedures in the unit

- Bachelor degree in banking, finance, business administration or relevant
- Foreign languages according to TCB's policies

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