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Expert, Corporate and Commercial Credit Risk Appraisal (40000736)

Category:  Risk Management Division
Job Type: 
Facility:  Risk Management

Job Purpose

Implement credit appraisal and control appraisal documents under periodic assignment; Participating in building credit products/solutions for customers belongs to Wholesales banking' MM/SME segment; Ensuring that credit apprasal' performance is quick and smooth in accordance with risk appetite; credit orientation and business orientation.

Key Accountabilities (1)

1. Perform credit appraisal and propose credit solutions for customers
- Conduct credit appraisal in coordination with related departments to determine an appropriate credit structure and risk management plan for balancing the benefits and risks when providing credit to customers and ensure compliance with policies, regulations and procedures.
- Conduct credit appraisal in coordination with related departments, advise, evaluate and develop restructuring plans for debt customers with debt problems, which are classified into financial solutions.
- Perform credit appraisal to meet job requirements, commit to quality for improving customer experience and achieving the highest efficiency.
2. Carry out the control of credit appraisal documents as assigned by the Appraisal Director/Senior Manager/Credit Appraisal Manager.
3. Directly propose or record, support and guide in solving problems and difficulties in the performance of appraisal.

Key Accountabilities (2)

Participating and coordinating with related departments to develop policies, credit products/solutions, and risk management policies within the scope of their assignment
- Participating /Coordinating in designing comprehensive Know - Your - Customer report, risk components, appraisal và credit solutions to ensure consulting, coordinating with units in the whole bank to build outstanding credit solutions for individual customers/group customer as assigned.
- Participating /Coordinating with related departments to develop/propose improvements and adjustments to relevant policies, regulations, processes and guidelines.

Key Accountabilities (3)

Coordinating, developing and implementing appraisal training programs/appraisal guidelines:
- Directly train, participate in internal training to develop working skills and professional knowledge. Create a positive/dynamic/united/competitive and qualified working environment.
- Implement/Coordinate with Sales và HR Division to organize training course on appraisal/credit operations and relevant documents/instructions/legal regulations in the journey credit extension.
Perform other tasks:
- Participating /Coordinating in credit monitoring after credit being granted; Identifying early warning signals, Implementing appropriate behavioral actions as periodic assigned under each segment
-Maintain customer's credit documents and records in accordance with regulations.Participate in/directly work with inspection teams at the request of the Bank about credit records of the customer segment assigned to manage. .Completely implement the recommendations of the Internal Inspection Department, the inspection team related to the work of credit appraisal.
- Perform related tasks at the request of periodic Appraisal Director / Senior Manager / Credit Appraisal Manager' assignment

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Director/ Senior Manager/ Manager, Corporate and Commercial Credit Risk Appraisal

Key Relationships - Direct Reports

Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders

Associations, state management agencies, businesses and individuals involved…

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

- Degree: University degree or higher with majors: Banking and Finance; Foreign Trade; Economics or related field…. (Preference will be given to those with relevant majors)
- Experience:
+ At least 7+ years of experience in the financial/banking industry, of which at least 5 years of experience related to credit appraisal
+ Having experience and deep understanding of the credit, skills in analyzing and designing credit solutions for corporate customers (similar to the assigned group of customers) and ability to manage credit risks. Have understanding of the design, development of policies, procedures and credit products.
+ Have training skills; have the ability to guide others in developing professional capacity and working skills.
- English proficiency according to the periodic Bank's requirements

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