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10 Jul 2024

Expert, Collateral Management (40000715)

Category:  Risk Management Division
Job Type: 
Facility:  Risk Management

Job Purpose

The person in charge of the position is responsible for:
- In-depth consulting, implementation and control work within the scope of expertise Collateral Policy in order to build and develop the management and supervision of collateral, contributing to the effective implementation of risk management tasks. At the same time, it provides solutions for business development in parallel with effective risk management for all types of collateral.

Key Accountabilities (1)

1. Management Responsibilities
- Consult, coordinat, implement and monitor the Department's plans and activities according to the development orientation of the center, the Division, and the bank;
- Monitor and organize implementing the budget according to the annual operating plan, manage the unit's operating budget according to the approved limit;
- Ensure that the activities of the Department fully comply with the policies and regulations of the law and the bank;
- Coordinate with other departments of the Center to build and implement cross-functions of the Center and the Division.
- Consult and organize implementing the implementation of development/application of innovations, innovations and initiatives to upgrade the quality of work to meet the transformation of the organization.
- Take overall responsibility for the professional work and quality of the assigned work related to the Department with the Director
2. Responsibility for human resource management and development
- Consult to organize and arrange work and personnel in accordance with the tasks and work nature of the department;
- organize implementing a roadmap for training and developing capacity and skills for department members according to the needs and work of the department;
- Responsible for building and developing talents in line with development orientations for the department and unit.
- Consult Building and implementing departmental culture according to the nature of departments, units and financial culture of the bank;
- Coordinate with other departments of the Center to build training activities, personnel rotation and activities to connect and develop staff capacity at the unit;

Key Accountabilities (2)

3. Professional Responsibilities:
Responsible for performing all/part of the following tasks of the Department – depending on the tasks from time to time:
3.1. Orientation for building and administering the governance framework and the framework for enforcing the security assets of the whole system
- Implement, control and build the collateral management framework, including principles, pillars and indicators on collateral risk management.
- Implement and control the development of an implementation framework for collateral, including Regulations and Guidelines on Receiving and Managing Collateral, and Managing Outsourced Partners; Framework, criteria for understanding assets, conversion cycle of assets and collateral by Industry/Sector
- Advise and propose solutions to the Board of Directors and Units in developing documents on collateral
- Conduct research, build and set up risk management indicators for collaterals (haircut, limit, ISV, RSV, LVA), LGD component
3.2. Design orientation of collateral solution (including collateral index) for offerings of Business segments
- Propose to the approval level on the issuance/amendment/addition/replacement of documents in order to perfect the internal document system of the collateral to conform to the provisions of law and TCB regulations.
- Applying the use of collateral risk index, list of collateral to provide a basis for agreeing, refusing to open/tighten receipt, and management of collateral
- Consulting, answering, recording problems, difficulties and inadequacies in the process of implementing the Policy on Collateral Management, building the collateral component in the offering.
- Coordinate with compliance departments (Internal Audit, CA,...) to monitor and fix issues related to collateral risks (if necessary).
3.3. Orientation for setting standards of price brackets and promulgating price frame

Key Accountabilities (3)

3.4. Lead the development of a set of criteria and regulations related to assessment and control of outsourced partners providing valuation and collateral management services.
- Conduct research to develop a set of criteria and regulations related to the evaluation of partners providing valuation and management services of collateral;
- Directly implement quality monitoring, evaluation, and linkages with outsourced partners (valuation activities, management of collaterals)
- Implement warnings about risks in linking outsourced partners in valuation and management of collateral
3.5. Limit threshold management and collateral portfolio management
- Constructing and setting thresholds for the list of collaterals; portfolio management based on the criteria, the threshold of volatility of the portfolio of collateral in each period.
- Develop or coordinate with organizations inside and outside TCB to develop industry indicators, macroeconomic indicators to assess the impact on the risk index of collaterals.
- Advise and establish the connection between the collateral risk index and the bank's financial/non-financial index.
- Perform analysis and management of the portfolio of collateral in order to promptly reflect market fluctuations/the portfolio of collateral and changes in the policy of collateral from time to time.
- Design a dashboard for the portfolio of collateral; Coordinating with other segments in the Risk Management Division in analyzing risk reports of collateral portfolio
- Participating in the development of volatility/behavior scenarios and tolerance thresholds of the portfolio of collaterals in order to give early warning of the risks of fixed assets/risks in the management of collaterals.
3.6 Orientation to establish a database related to collateral and develop a technology system for collateral
-Organize, collect and process, analyze data to develop policies and manage changes in collateral policy over time.
- Implement and develop the construction and management of the information database system on collateral in order to improve the quality of the collateral information system.
- Developing and deploying collateral technology solutions to manage the work of e2e
4. Other responsibilities:
- Other tasks assigned by management levels

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Director/Senior Manager, Collateral Management

Key Relationships - Direct Reports

Senior Officer/ Officer, Collateral Management

Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

Business divisions and supporting units in banks related to collateralized credit

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders

The subsidiaries, associated companies in receiving, managing and handling of collateral activities, State agencies, Law firms / other appraisals...

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

- Expertise: Minimum 05 years of experience in banking/appraisal/construction/mechanical/engineering
- Management: at least 03 years of management experience
- Understanding the TCB system: Thorough understanding of the organizational structure, organizational culture, goals/orientation of the bank
- Understanding of products/services of the unit: Deep understanding of professional fields (finance, valuation, law...) to design collateral policy products
- Understanding the rules/operating processes in the unit: Understanding the strategic direction, functions and tasks to design regulations/operating processes in BP
- Understanding of the legal environment in the banking sector
- University graduate or higher, majoring in economics/finance/banking/appraisal/construction/mechanical/engineering
- English: minimum TOEIC 550 (Band 6)/650 (Band 7) or equivalent

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