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Application Operation and Development Manager (Retail/Corporate/Shared Platform)

Category:  Information Technology Division
Job Type: 
Facility:  Technology


Orient, develop and execute the strategy of developing IT solutions to meet the Bank’s business requirements and development strategy

Key accountabilities (1)

1. Regarding management and governance
- Support Head of OnT and related units in developing the annual IT strategy.
- Be responsible for working with managers from divisions/ functions to understand their wishes, demands and strategies, then develop the strategy and plan to develop application/ solution.
- Be responsible for working with IT functions to develop the overall IT development strategy and application/ solution development in particular.
- Be responsible for planning, orienting, monitoring the implementation process to meet strategic objectives.
- Give advice on modern technology solutions, introduce business and technological solutions to functions.
- Be responsible for operation and application support to ensure the service quality provided to customers.
- Be responsible for guiding, tracking the implementation process of solution development and IT investment projects.
- Participate in annual budget planning.
2. Regarding Risk Management and Compliance:
- Be responsible for developing policies, regulations, processes, guidelines on solution development and application operation.
- Control and ensure the compliance of unit’s activities with issued policies, regulations, processes and guidelines.
- Identify risks of the unit during the operation, collaborate with relevant units to develop methods to measure, assess and mitigate risks.
3. Regarding Human resources management:
- Develop the headcount plan, allocate resources, develop the mechanism of assigning, recording and assessing employee’s performance, ensure sufficient resources and work quality.
- Hold trainings, orient career development for employees, educate and prepare resource people for the function.
- Communicate and orient employees to follow the development strategy of the bank.
4. Others
- Participate in the development of standards for application/ solution to orient and control the introduction of stable, flexible and effective IT solutions.
- Participate in the development of policies, regulations, processes and guidelines on developing application/ solution
- Perform other tasks assigned by the divisional head
- Lead employees to participate in the development of corporate culture.

Key accountabilities (2)

Key accountabilities (3)

Key Relationships - Line Manager

Head of Operations and Technology Division.

Key Relationships - Subordinate

Application - Solution Operation and Development Manager.

Key Relationships - Internal relationship

Divisions, functions, branches/TSOs, subsidiaries of TCB.

Key Relationships - External relationship

partners providing application/ solution, IT department of important customers’ enterprises.

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

1 Degree/Profession
Hold undergraduate degrees in information technology, business management, finance and banking.
2. Professional expertise
Have a sound knowledge on application systems for the bank’s activities
Have a sound knowledge on banking products and services
Understand and master the software development and application operation processes
3. Experience
Have experience in information and technology: 15+ years
Have experience in software development or IT solution for banking industry: 13+ years
Priority given to those with experience in managing the implementation, developing one or two banking soft-wares such as corebanking, card management, e-Channel, Treasury, Trade Finance, LOS, etc.
Have experience in application operation, especially in financial and banking areas: 12+ years
Have experience in management:15+ years
Manage > 40 employees, manage the development and operation of Tier 1 systems (Corebanking, eBanking, CARD, etc.), systems which directly impact the bank’s business activities.
4. Foreign language (English)

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