This is the ever first-time-launched prize organized by Anphabe - a pioneer company in Vietnam for a comprehensive Employer Branding solution, which is also based on the survey results conducted by Vietnamese students from 21/10/2019 to 30/12/2019. Under the criteria of "awareness level", "factors affecting the employees' choosing decisions" and "degree on the students' willingness to join", Techcombank has competed and spectacularly surpassed more than 400 enterprises participating in the survey to stand a firm and high position in "Top 50 Best Employer of Choice by Vietnam Student 2020" (the award does not determine the rankings). The Prize Award Ceremony was just held on May 7, 2020 in Ho Chi Minh City..

The survey has attracted the attention of much more than 23,000 students from 93 key universities across the country under the 10 major industrial faculties. Calculation method and ranking results are verified under the consultation of INTAGE Vietnam Market Research firm. The ranking method of "Best Employer of Choice" is based on the survey results of the votes of  Vietnamese students for each Employer Brands through the five stages of talent acquisition : Awareness - Interest - Action - Desire - 1st choice. From these practical data, INTAGE VIETNAM - a research consultancy unit also supported to provide the importance index of each stage to ensure professional and aggregate general ranking results.

Once again, this award and title proclaims the powerful attraction of Techcombank Employer Branding to the young knowledgeable Vietnamese  labor force. Thereby, it also reconfirms Techcombank priority to fully create future chances for the young to grasp the opportunities of learning and earning up-to-date experience in this perfect working environment when joining Techcombank!