With the aim of creating best conditions for students to become the representatives for promoting Techcombank's brand image getting closer to universities across the country, Techcombank successfully organized the program “ Techcombank’s Employer Branding Ambassador 2020”. To obtain this title, those students had to go through 3 extremely strict selective rounds of Techcombank:

Profile round: Candidates must be excellent students from the top universities across the country; having a good academic record as well as actively participating in team management activities.

Written contest round: Each candidate needs to prepare a short caption about Techcombank, which will then be posted on Techcombank Careers fanpage. The score for this round will be counted between the score of online voting and of the judges.

Interview round: Candidates will participate in the interview round directly with representatives from Techcombank's Recruitment Strategy department to select the most deserving people for the title “Techcombank’s Employer Branding Ambassadors 2020”.

After all rounds of the selecting process, Techcombank has selected 23 best students from 5 leading universities in the economic sector across the country. When becoming the Ambassadors, students not only receive certificates and valuable scholarships but also opportunities to exchange, learn and experience practical work during this 6-month period at Techcombank.

Remembering the registration moment for the program, Nguyen Hoang Bao Ngoc - a senior student from the Hanoi Academy of Finance, shared:

“Incidentally, one day, I found the information of looking for Tech’s Brand Ambassadors on Techcombank's careers fanpage. Although I was not too confident about myself, I didn’t hesitate to sign up because I wanted to learn more about the working environment at Techcombank. After I was lucky enough to achieve this title, I found myself with many new opportunities to both learn and introduce Techcombank’s working environment to my friends and relatives. Over time, my love for Techcombank has grown a little each day because of the friendly working environment with a seriously professional working style. I want to say that I am very proud  to be an Employer Branding Ambassador of Techcombank ”.

Ms. Nguyen Dinh Ha Linh (In the middle) - Strategic Talent Intake Manager gives scholarship to Employer Branding Ambassadors 2020

“Although it's just the first year of its practical implementation, Techcombank's Employer Branding Ambassador program has attracted a large number of students across the country to join and receive very positive feedback. The success of the program is drawn from the journey of nurturing young talents that Techcombank is aiming for in recent years through a series of recruiting events at universities and competitions. In this year and the following years, Techcombank is expected to bring a variety of useful programs, creating best favorable conditions for students to have the opportunity to learn and interact with Techcombank's environment - one of the best places to work in Asia”. - Ms. Ha Linh shared about the first year of implementing the program.

Techcombank’s Employer Branding Ambassador program is one of those organized by the Recruitment Strategy department. The 23 selective talented students will be trained by the Recruitment Strategy department and directly participate in the Techcombank recruitment Brand Promotion through two forms: Offline Communication (Organizing recruitment events at Universities) and Online Communication (Through articles, promotional videos on Techcombank Careers fanpage).