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Head of Innovation & Digital Strategy

Danh mục:  Văn phòng Chuyển đổi Ngân hàng số
Ngân hàng số

Mục tiêu

-    The job holder develops the innovation strategy and garners support from key stakeholders.
-    The job holder builds a well-balanced innovation portfolio and roadmap that drives investments and top line growth.
-    The job holder is responsible for embedding a culture of innovation in the Transformation Office and building required capabilities.
-    The job holder ensures innovation differentiates the bank in the market, provides unique customer and employee value proposition and helps build long term relationships with customers.

Trách nhiệm chính (1)

A.    Custodian of Agile Operating Model
-    Implement the Agile Operating Model for existing and new customer journeys.
-    Invest in building the Agile Center of Excellence to enable the Agile Operating Model and build supporting mindsets.

B.    Champion Innovation and Change
-    Lead the overall change agenda to build and embed the new culture of innovation starting with the Transformation Office first and then scale up across the bank.
-    Represent the bank in working with external financial technology and other digital communities to acquire new innovations to broaden the bank's digital capabilities.
-    Track new technology development and trends in relevant areas of the bank to maintain a technological edge within the industry.
-    Develop, propose and deliver internal and external thought leadership presentations, papers and engagement sessions related to emerging industry trends in innovations, financial technology and related bank-sponsored initiatives.
-    Establish structures and processes for generating ideas, creating prototypes and producing innovative, digital products.
-    Keeps all innovation-driven projects in line with company's strategy and maintains consistency with the company's message and brand.
-    Evaluate and balance risks and rewards for innovation and organizational objectives.

C.    Define Digital Strategy and Roadmap
-    Develop a deep understanding of the global digital/fintech landscape, key trends, players and ecosystem and strategic perspectives for the Bank.
-    Engage with internal stakeholders, with support from select external partners, to develop a clearly defined and compelling digital strategy and execution roadmap for the bank to drive the Bank’s digital transformation aspirations.
-    Ensure that all relevant digital initiatives are fully integrated into the strategic-planning process for leadership commitment, resource allocation and execution.
Work with stakeholders to develop Business cases and lead the process to seek approval from relevant internal Committees.

D.    Managing Stakeholders 
-    Challenge and inspire stakeholders through the strategy development process with a view to differentiating the Bank.
-    Regularly update stakeholders on the key developments in the market and the bank’s internal digital capabilities to influence the direction of the Bank’s digital transformation. 

Trách nhiệm chính (2)

Trách nhiệm chính (3)

Mạng lưới tương tác - Cấp Quản lý

Chief Digitalization Officer

Mạng lưới tương tác - Cấp báo cáo

Manager, Digital Strategy; Senior Manager, Digital Partnership; Expert, Digital Strategy, etc.

Mạng lưới tương tác - Quan hệ nội bộ

Tribe and Functional Leads within the Digitalization Office and across the bank

Mạng lưới tương tác - Quan hệ bên ngoài

Partners providing professional services

Chân dung Thành công - Bằng cấp, Kinh nghiệm

Domain Expertise
-    15+ years of relevant experience in a leading bank or technology organization 
-    At least 5 years of experience managing large and diversified teams to drive transformation
-    Demonstrated experience in driving large scale change management programs, embedding a new culture and new ways of working
-    Demonstrated experience in project management (Waterfall and Agile)
Agile / Digital Experience
-    Experience in Agile Development and digital transformation
-    Experience in leading or supporting the build of a digital transformation unit or digital lab 
-    Experience in developing products and solutions provided via digital channels
-    Strong knowledge and understanding of the latest digital and innovation trends in banking / financial technology landscape
-    Understands new and emerging roles to drive an Agile and Digital operating model with related career paths.
-    Knowledgeable of existing and emerging innovative banking and payment solutions (AI-driven Chatbot, Digital-only bank, Siri Digital Assistant, Mobile Payment, Digital Wallet, Biometric or Multi-factor / Multi-modal Authentication)
-    Knowledgeable of existing and emerging digital technologies (Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, APIs)
-    Master's or Doctorate majoring in technology or data science
-    Professional certification in PMP, PMI-ACP, GIMI CCIO, CPI, CMI, Design Thinking

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