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Giám đốc Khoa học dữ liệu - Khối Dữ Liệu và Phân Tích

Danh mục:  Khối Dữ liệu và Phân tích
Dữ liệu & Phân tích

Mục tiêu

- The job holder manages several products, by leading science team and coordinating interaction to BU; she/he provides technical and personal guidance for teamin order to be able to align with business roadmap and deliver technical solution as required.
- The job holder takes initiative in experimenting with various technologies, algorithms and tools for solution to BU at quickest pace possible and scientific standards, while keeping update with technical and industry pace.

Trách nhiệm chính (1)

A. Data Solutioning
- Evaluate effectiveness of proposed models and track business performance against data analysis model.
- Build cutting-edge algorithms and work with machine learning and deep learning tools to deliver advance analytics solutions across the firm including recommendation engines, customized data models, predictive machine learning models, graph modes, etc.
- Drive application of machine learning and big data techniques across different journeys and squads.
- Manage, execute, and review complex data science projects in an agile manner and in compliance with internal regulatory requirements.

B. Data Insighting
- Lead the identification and interpretation of meaningful and actionable insights from large data and metadata sources.
- Review processes and tools designed to monitor and analyze model performance and data accuracy.
- Proactively lead discussions in 3+ squads to identify questions and issues for data analysis
- Collaborate with Data Engineers to build complex, technical algorithms in data analytics software applications to improve work efficiency.

C. Projects Management
- Manage multiple data products and resolve conflicts, challenges and dynamic business requirements to keep operations running at high performance.
- Lead involved data science teams to propose solutions to BU, align KPIs, plan ressources, resolve people problems and project roadblocks, keep project on track, conduct post mortem and root cause analysis to help squads continuously improve their practices to ensure maximum productivity.

D. Team management and Talent Development
- Guide, mentor and coach Data scientists with personal and professional advice on process and skill level to help them grow to next level
- Identify and encourage areas for growth and improvement within the team. 

Trách nhiệm chính (2)

Trách nhiệm chính (3)

Mạng lưới tương tác - Cấp Quản lý

Data Office

Mạng lưới tương tác - Cấp báo cáo

Senior and plain data scientists

Mạng lưới tương tác - Quan hệ nội bộ

Teams within the Transformation Office and relevant departments in the Bank 

Mạng lưới tương tác - Quan hệ bên ngoài

Partners providing professional services

Chân dung Thành công - Bằng cấp, Kinh nghiệm

Master’s or PhD degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Quantitative Analysis, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology or any other Numerical disciplines
8 to 12 years of relevant experience in areas of data analysis, machine learning, deep learning model development on large amount of data, implementing and deploying various statistical models
English proficiency requirements are pursuant to Techcombank's policy
Deep experience in querying databases and using programming languages (e.g. Python, spark, TensorFlow, scala, sql, C, C++, Java)
Extensive experience in building data and analytics solutions, data mining, statistical model building, predictive modeling
Experience in application of machine learning and AI to questions related to tech and finance industry
Experience in providing fact-based insights to help senior management and other stakeholders realize enterprise value at scale
Deep experience in Agile Software Development and has mastery of Agile principles, practices and Scrum methodologies
Experience working in Agile teams to lead successful digital transformation projects, involved in the end-to-end planning to implementation

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