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Officer, Office Service Management (40000706)

Category:  Operations Division
Job Type: 
Facility:  Operations

Job Purpose

- The job holder performs the work in accordance with the assigned professional expertise related to office services. Ensure compliance with the quality commitment and compliance with the bank's processes and regulations.

Key Accountabilities (1)

I./ Perform tasks, including but not limited to services: Office services, Archives, Reception, Administrative expenses.
II./ Specific tasks:
1. Office services:
- Manage and provide shared services/utilities belonging to the Building (Hygiene, drinking water, trees, meeting rooms, canteen/pantry, Gym, healthcare, Parking lot, Arrangement/renovation, repair workspaces, other shared infrastructure, etc.)
- Service monitoring of suppliers/contractors
- Receiving and handing over assets/materials to employees working at the Building
- Recovering assets and tools from HO Units into inventory and allocating assets and tools after being delivered to HO Units for use
- Procurement of assets/tools, supplies and materials for the operation of the Building (responsible for expenditure management within the approved budget)
- Receiving service requests, allocating service implementation, surveying service quality, analyzing and reporting back office services, etc.
- Control and urge the progress and quality of services of specialized units and contractors in providing services: Technical system operation, Construction, Maintenance/Maintenance, Repair in Building.

Key Accountabilities (2)

2. Archives:
- Develop regulations, processes, standards/guidelines for archival services applied to HO and branches.
- Organize and manage clerical work at Head Office: receive - process - track - store outgoing/incoming documents
- The focal point to receive incoming mail, deliver mail to employees working in the HO Building and control the Courier Service Provider at the Head Office Building.
- Manage and use the legal entity seal (circle) of the Bank in accordance with the Bank's regulations/Law and carry out the work. Duplicate internal text.

Key Accountabilities (3)

3. Opening ceremony:
- Perform Reception work (welcome, check in/check out for guests/employees when coming to work) at the Building
- Perform reception duties, events for the Senior Management Board, general events of the Bank, meetings
4. Administrative expenditure:
- Responsible for controlling/effectively using administrative expenses/general expenses managed by Internal Service.
- Managing a fleet of vehicles/vehicles to serve senior management and general business of the Bank.
- Carrying out the ceremony/external affairs as assigned by the Board of Directors
5. And other jobs according to the functions and tasks from time to time, at the request of the Leader.
6. Depending on the employee's professional capacity and the workload of the functional unit, the unit leader may assign to perform each functional group alternately or two or more functional groups or tasks mentioned above. at the same time to ensure the common work is effective and transparent.

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

Graduating from college or higher.
Experience (specialty): 3 years in professional field or equivalent.
Foreign language (English): as bank's regulations
- Understand the operation process, products and services of TCB's Internal Service
- Understand of office equipment, office administrative activities in the Building
- Understand overview of Building technical systems, IT equipment

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