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Service Excellent Director

Category:  Retail Banking Group
Job Type: 
Facility:  Customer Services


- Responsible for building and implementing sales and service models, training activities for sales force at Techcombank, with a view to outstanding customer experience at all channels (branch, ATM, e-channel, alternative channels), in order to successfully complete business plan, while ensuring and improving customer satisfaction and experience of Retail banking customers

Key accountabilities (1)

1. Strategy and planning:
- Design and implement service strategy, service quality standards, apply service quality improvement initiatives and implement consistently for all units, on all channels to ensure outstanding customer experience in accordance with the bank's development goals.
2. Business and operations management
2.1. Design and support activities that improve customer experience.
- Design and maintain top-of-the-line sales & service models for each segment and sub-segment, processes, and quality standards for Branches and other channels to ensure an outstanding experience for customers relating to Techcombank's products and services (reliability, ability to respond to customer needs, layout of branches ...)
- Ensure operating rhythm and uniformity across all units and customer consulting channels.
- Develop training programs, materials, coaching methodologies, monitoring and recording mechanisms to improve financial advisory capability and service capability.
- Establish Priority customer value positions, build capabilities and process for quality standard transitions.
2.2. Maintain an excellent customer experience.
- Implement VOC / NPS surveys and other service quality assurance activities to measure and better understand customer experience, service quality metrics.
- Monitor and evaluate relating capability development activities.
- Manage and organize forums in order to constantly improve service quality.
2.3. Management of customer-oriented innovation initiatives:
- Develop and maintain modal and technological innovation initiatives to assist in improving consulting quality, quality of sales and service, customer experience, and sales force productivity.

Key accountabilities (2)

3. Resource Development and Management:
- Develop headcount plans,allocate resources, train and develop successor, build a development roadmap for employees, developa mechanism for delegation, recognition and performance evaluation of staff. Improve service quality, ensure adequate resources in terms of quantity and quality to be maintained for operations.
- Develop a career development roadmap to attract and retain talents.
4. Cooperate Culture:
- Ensuring the management at the unit in accordance with 3 principles: fairness, transparency and respect
- Make sure to be a role model in building corporate culture
- Ensure the correct and full implementation of organizational culture implementation plans, make sure staff understand and apply consistently organizational cultural values, behavioral standards.
5. Perform other related tasks as requested by Channel Management Director and Head of Retail Banking Group

Key Relationships - Line Manager

Head of Omni Channel Development

Key Relationships - Subordinate

Giám đốc Thiết kế và Hỗ trợ trải nghiệm khách hàng
Giám đốc Văn hóa bán hàng và quản lý sự thay đổi
Giám đốc Sáng kiến cải tiến
Giám đốc Trải nghiệm khách hàng

Key Relationships - Internal relationship

Stakeholders within and outside RBG

Key Relationships - External relationship

Customers, partner banks, auditing companies, state agencies (inspectors, SBV ...)

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

University degree or higher with majors: Banking and Finance; Foreign Trade; Economy or related field…. (Priority is given to people with appropriate majors and studying abroad)

Experience: Minimum 7 years of experience in the banking sector, of which at least 2 years in a managerial position;

English proficiency level 4 (TOEIC 700 or higher or other certificates of equivalent value)

Computer literacy: able to use office & finance/ banking softwares

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