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Senior Product Owner - Giải pháp cho vay

Category:  Retail Banking Group
Job Type: 
Facility:  Retail Banking


- Responsible for designing and building solutions to meet customer needs according to the customer journey from the beginning to the end, ensuring the positioning values in line with selected CVP.
- Manage the whole process in a loop, go through from stages (1) Solution Design; (2) Solution Development; (3) Testing, trial; (4) Marketing; (5) Evaluation; (6) Solution Adjustment ...
- Responsible for PnL & business efficiency of solution group assigned in each period.

Key accountabilities (1)

1. Responsible for designing solutions according to customers' journey.
- Identify journey and design solutions to meet customer needs according to lifecycle.
- Draw up the solution delivery procedures to the customer, administer the solution delivery plan to the customer according to the designed process.
-  Develop product requirements and manage end to end product delivery including customer portrait identification & pain-point journey; Solution design; Solution Development; Testing; Launching;  Experience Evaluation... and Solution Adjustment.
- Mainly responsible for managing the outcome of training and coaching programs to improve the capacity of consultants in order to deeply understand the solutions before provide for customers.
- Responsible for PnL & business efficiency of solution group assigned in each period..

2. .  Backlog management and Agile operation model setup 
- Set the goals of each solution; guide the team to interact and implement the solution based on established process.
- Build Agile working rhythm including: daily stand ups, iteration planning, sprint reviews and drive sprints ..
- Develop solutions based on product requirements; Manage the entire end to end process from concept to solution delivery to customers ...
- Prioritize product backlog; responsible for orienting and selecting  MVP portfolio that is priority to implement in each period.

Key accountabilities (2)

3. Stakeholder management
- Interface with stakeholders to understand pain points and gather inputs from data specialists to derive features development and enhancements on product..
- Manage goals and expectation for every solution in each period;
- Work with team leads to resolve people problems and project roadblocks, conduct post mortem and root cause analysis to help squads continuously improve their practices to ensure maximum productivity.

4.  Talent Development
- Attract, motivate and retain employees across all levels for a high performance culture.
- Develop and coach more junior employees to identify gaps in their competencies and build development plans.

Key accountabilities (3)

Key Relationships - Line Manager

Product Owner Manager

Key Relationships - Subordinate

Product Owner
Bussiness Analysts, Senior Bussiness Analysts

Key Relationships - Internal relationship

Other funtional units in RBG, inter-Division

Key Relationships - External relationship

Partners, strategic customers, state agencies….

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

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