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Director, Collateral Management (40000711)

Category:  Risk Management Division
Job Type: 
Facility:  Risk Management

Job Purpose

- The job holder organize, manage and operate activities of management and supervision of collateral assets throughout the system.
- The job holder orientation and implementation Organization, development and management of the system of risk management policies, quality assurance of receipt - valuation - management of collateral throughout the system
- The job holder manage and monitor the portfolio of collateral assets throughout the system

Key Accountabilities (1)

1. Develop and implement strategies and action plans to ensure the center correctly and fully performs the assigned functions:
- Organize/build the operation plan of the Asset Management and Supervision Department according to the strategic direction of the bank from time to time.
- Implement the unit's operation plan according to the development orientation of the Division/Bank from time to time.
- Manage operational risk in the process of managing and supervising collateral assets.
- Preside over building a working relationship between departments/units in the system with Management and supervision of collateral to ensure work efficiency and control risks.
- Organize/build the unit's data management system to ensure confidentiality, continuity and completeness.
- Ensure that the operations of the unit comply with the regulations of the bank.
- Develop the budget according to the annual operating plan, manage the unit's operating budget according to the approved limit
- Ensure that the operations of the unit comply with the policies, regulations, procedures of the law and the bank
- Build and implement strong grassroots organizational culture in line with the company's corporate culture orientation.

Key Accountabilities (2)

2. Administration implements the functions and duties of Management and supervision of collateral
- Preside over the work
+ Orientation for building and managing the collateral governance framework and the implementation framework for collateral of the whole system
+ Design orientation of collateral solutions (including collateral index) for offerings of business department.
+ Develop a system of risk management policies related to collateral assets throughout the system
+ Build a system for managing and monitoring collateral
+ Manage portfolio of collaterals
+ Coordinate with relevant units inside and outside Techcombank to handle and advise on issues related to collateral arising during the operation of the system.
+ Develop a system to appraise the value of collateral assets at the time of valuation at the request of the Bank's Board of Directors
+ Directly develop or coordinate with units to build a system of criteria and supervise outsourced partners related to the field of valuation and management of collateral assets.
+ Orienting and building, setting and managing of thresholds to limit the portfolio of collateral
+ Orientation to establish a database related to collateral to proceed to quantify the policy of collateral
+ Orientation and organization of warning and early warning of risks related to collateral
+ Orientation and organization of supervision and management of the portfolio of collateral
- Monitor the process of receiving and managing assets to ensure the facility minimizes possible losses
+ Orienting and organizing the supervision of collateral according to thematic/business orientation
+ Organize the supervision of collateral assets of the outsourced unit
- The focal point for cooperation with outsourcing companies related to the field of valuation and management of collateral assets
- Advise the director of the risk division in formulating policies to limit risks related to collateral assets throughout the system from time to time.

Key Accountabilities (3)

3. Performance management:
- Overall supervision of the management and supervision of collateral assets, responsible for controlling and promoting the implementation of the center's operational strategies in the direction of preserving the achieved objectives.
- Develop an operation plan/management to detect risks early, develop/adjust management and monitoring plans to limit losses.
- Lead the work of the units during the operation of the center to solve the difficulties / problems (if any) in completing the work of the center
4. Human resource development:
- Manage resources at the unit to ensure the achievement of the bank's goals/orientations
- Manage resources in the unit, ensuring adequate and quality resources are maintained.
- Responsible for building and developing the unit's successor force
5. Other responsibilities:
- Other tasks assigned by the Director of Risk Management Division, General Director.

Key Relationships - Direct Manager

Chief Credit Officer

Key Relationships - Direct Reports

Senior Manager/Manager/Senior Expert/Expert Collateral Management

Key Relationships - Internal Stakeholders

Business and supporting divisions in the bank related to collateralized credit

Key Relationships - External Stakeholders

Affiliated companies, affiliated companies in the work of recognition-valuation-management of collateral

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences

- University graduate or higher, majoring in Economics/Valuation/Construction/Engineering/finance, banking or higher
- Expertise: Minimum 10 years in banking, including at least 03 years in credit risk management
- Management: at least 6 years of experience in a departmental management position or more
- Understanding the TCB system: Deep understanding of the organizational structure, organizational culture, goals/orientation of the bank
- Understanding of products/services of the unit: Understanding the principles of products issued/established by the Depositary Asset Center
- Understanding the rules/operating processes in the unit: Orientation on principles of processes and operating regulations in the unit
- English: TOEIC 650 or equivalent

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