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Danh mục:  Khối dịch vụ Ngân hàng tài chính cá nhân
Ngân hàng số

Mục tiêu

- The job holder contributes to the implementation of the digital and innovation strategy of the Transformation Office with expertise in specific digital technology domains.
- The job holder supports the embedding of a culture of innovation and the build of required capabilities in the Transformation Office and scale up across the bank.
- The job holder evaluates and integrates new digital technologies and/or software into the business where there is a clear benefit to implementation.

Trách nhiệm chính (1)

A. Champion Innovation and Technology Implementation
- Serve as the focal point for collaborating with other functional teams in information, communication and digital technology matters.
- Lead dialogues and readiness assessments for the integration of digital technology in partnership strategies and the Bank's business plans and projects/programs.
- Identify bottlenecks and/or systematically evaluate and assess root causes of errors in the process.
- Deliver digital solutions to eliminate common failure modes.
- Build relationships with leading technology organizations to support partnerships, capability building and development programs.
- Produce digital technology knowledge and products to support product development within customer journey tribes and other dependent cross-functional teams.
- Establish structures and processes for generating ideas, creating prototypes and producing innovative, digital products.

B. Thought Leadership
- Track global trends in digital technologies including Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, eCommerce, Digital Communications, Social Networking and Digital Marketing relevant to the Transformation Office and the Bank.
- Present on applications as the technical, digital expert in various engagement settings to colleagues and stakeholders.
- Develop, propose and deliver internal and external thought leadership presentations, papers and engagement sessions related to emerging industry trends in innovations, financial technology and related bank-sponsored initiatives.

Chân dung Thành công - Bằng cấp, Kinh nghiệm

Bachelor's or Master's degree majoring in Information Technology, Engineering, Computer Science or Data Science
Professional certification in PMP, PMI-ACP, GIMI CCIO, CPI, CMI, Design Thinking
8 to 12 years of relevant experience in a leading bank, technology or financial technology organization 
English proficiency requirements are pursuant to Techcombank's policy.
Demonstrated analytic, strategic and technical experience in driving large scale digital transformation projects/programs, embedding new ways of working
Experience in project management (Waterfall and Agile methodologies)
Broad knowledge of commercially available automation and/or digital solutions and vendors
Experience in Agile Development and leading or supporting the build of a digital transformation unit or digital lab 
Practical development experience in two or more areas (Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, APIs)
Strong knowledge and understanding of the latest digital technologies and innovation trends and players in banking / financial technology landscape
Knowledgeable of existing and emerging innovative banking and payment solutions (AI-driven Chatbot, Digital-only bank, Siri Digital Assistant, Mobile Payment, Digital Wallet, Biometric or Multi-factor / Multi-modal Authentication)

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